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I remember when JLUXLABEL first opened back in 2015 and I instantly became obsessed. 8 years later and they are still understanding the assignment! Tailored to fit all shapes and sizes, this brand will have your closet aesthetics on point for all of your events (casual and formal)

Let's get into my latest order! Can you believe we are already in Summer? Me neither. It's funny how I still get away with wearing my boots in 90+ degree weather! It's just been a vibe with certain maxi dresses, no? Anyways, let's start with the first dress!

This dress is a beach day staple. It will tie your look together and make you feel Summertime fine! Just slip on a bikini, wear this as a cover-up, grab your tote, and enjoy the beach!

It was love at first sight. I saw it, I squealed and ordered it so fast because I was so scared of it being sold out. This dress is everything. It felt like butter, fit like a glove, and broke necks like Mohammad Ali.

One word, SNATCHED. When I tell you my waist said bye. This dress had me put together real quick! It conformed to my body and gave me all the confidence I needed after scarfing down that pizza! The fabric also feels so soft! Absolutely loved it!


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