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My go-to Spring/Summer Skincare

That time of the year is quickly approaching, and I am not letting it catch you by surprise or me. Do you put sunscreen before or after makeup? Serum? What about the oil? Oil on a hot summer's day? Sounds greasy. Clearly, layering skin care in hot weather involves some strategy—the key is choosing textures that melt easily into skin—the result is light, glowy, fresh-looking skin all summer long.

Having healthy skin is an unmatchable flex! The reality is that hot, humid weather plus extra sun exposure can result in clogged pores, sunburns, and dark spots if you aren't preventing these common summer skin concerns in your daily skincare routine.

No need to stress; I've got some helpful tips for my darlings. Let's get into it.

Level up your SPF!

In my opinion, UV protection is the most crucial step in any skincare routine, especially during the summer when the days are longer and you inevitably spend more time in the sun. SPF should be applied every day to areas that are exposed to PERIOD

Look for sunscreens that offer:

  • at least SPF 30

  • broad spectrum protection

  • lip protection *especially if you are prone to cold sores*

Vitamin C

Orange you happy I started this blog? Ok, anyways, No matter your skin type, put vitamin C on first thing in the morning before anything else. It's especially great in summer because it helps fight free radicals from UV rays and other environmental factors while brightening, clarifying, smoothing, and refining the skin's texture.

Light and airy for the win!

Switch the heavy moisturizers for lightweight ones ASAP. If your skin type absolutely needs moisturizer, your skin will be thankful for this! Heavier products in winter protect and repair the skin from dry cooler air, but the same can trap dead skin in the summer... yuck. Switch to moisturizers with hyaluronic acid, hydrating ingredients, and gel-based ones with ceramides, as they are quickly absorbed by the skin and will not clog it. Yer welcome.

When it comes to makeup, slay, but please steer clear of thick and heavy foundations! The heat and humidity will not work well with heavy foundations. 100% will cause blockages in pores and lead to breakouts.


Drink lots of water and mind your damn business. That's all.

(Disclaimer: I am not a skincare professional; these tips are just suggestions and may not be for everyone except for the last one!)


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