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Add to Cart: Material Girl Boots

These boots were made for walking, and that's just what they'll do! One of these days, these boots are going to be purchased by you-if, not already!

Let's get into it! Living in Miami makes it challenging to incorporate boots every season, so when it's that time of the year, I will shamelessly wear a different pair every day! Here is a list of some of my favorite boots in no specific order that I think belong in every fashionista's closet.


When I say, I would be lost in this world if I didn't have my staple cream boots... Seriously, if you do not own a pair of cream boots that you've high-key overworn but still look bomb every time you whip them out to slay, stop reading and purchase a pair. RIGHT NOW.


One word BOMB. They are a personality within themselves. I really can't even elaborate much because... Just look at them! I almost feel like when you have them on; your alter ego will come out to play.

SHUTZ Jorian Up Boot

These knee-high silhouette boots are so sleek. It's giving hot girl! I would wear those skinny jeans that make you feel like the baddest b*tch. I mean tight like your... Ok, anyways, and for the top, a loose, maybe distressed band tee (tuck the front in just a pinch), or if you want your silhouette out and about because you want to show off what the Lord has blessed you with, then throw on a body suit and a jacket over your shoulders (to keep it classy).

ZACHY UP Leather Boot

Can I get a yee-haw for my favorite cowgirl boots? Whenever I wear them, I feel so freaking cute and hot! Especially in a dress or loose, distressed shorts...bye! Hair messy but strategically messy, ya know? Love it.

Jadon Max Platform Boots

Whenever I wear these, I can't help but think, let someone try me right now, all I have to do is throw my shoe at them, and it'll be lights out. Luckily, they've only been used to complete looks, not end them ;)


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